We are a group of avid tourists who love everything that has to do with Spanish culture, cuisine and its incredible landscapes. We decided to start this website as a way to spread the word about Barcelona, Spain and why, in our opinion, this is the best city in the world that everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Not only do we have this website where we offer specific tips and information about what to visit in Barcelona, but we also give advice on when to visit to experience the best of Barcelona and the most delicious local foods you should try to really get to know the city better.

All the information we provide on our website is updated regularly, since we’re avid explorers and are continuously looking for new tourist attractions that we can then share with all our visitors and readers. Some of the things we love to talk about include local foods, lesser-known historical hotspots that you definitely need to visit, but also local customs and way of life.

Our adventures take us from the most beautiful to the most challenging parts of the city as we explore it far and wide just so that our readers can experience the best of what it has to offer. No matter if you’re coming to visit because you want to hear a live concert performed by one of your favorite Spanish artists, because you want to delve into the Spanish culture or just try the nightlife here, you can have the peace mind that you’re going to find plenty of information on all these topics on our website.

Embark with us on the adventure called Barcelona and let us discover together the secrets hiding in this mirific and incredible city that’s sure to captivate your heart and hypnotize your senses.


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