Explore the Barcelona Nightlife

Barcelona nighlifeWhile it may lack the avant-garde of the experimental nightlife in Berlin or the diversity of the London scene, Barcelona does know how to pack a punch when it comes to having fun all night long. Whether you like to get down with the glitterati or get high with the hippies, you’ll find there is enough to get you going until morning light. And since you’re probably curious about the best places you can go here in order to have a smashing good time, we’ve made a list that should at least give you some pointers about the best bars and clubs in town.


The Carpe Diem Lounge is a trendy, chic and posh place that’s perfect for those who are looking for having an elegant and also expensive night out with their friends. This is a lounge, a restaurant and also a bar and it has an exclusive VIP area that is generally frequented by popular football players. If you do wish to consume alcohol here, mind you that the lowest price for a bottle is 130 EUR. Located on the city’s beachfront, this amazing place is surrounded by dozens of other popular clubs, including Shoko and Opium to name a few and all of them make for a very exciting and lively late night scene that’s going to have you coming back for more.

Sala BeCool

nightlifeIf you’re the type who puts a lot of emphasis on diversity, especially when it comes to music, then the Sala BeCool is the place to be. With 2 floors playing different music genres every night, you’re going to feel like you’re visiting 2 clubs instead of 1. If you love minimal house, then all you have to do is go up to the first floor, but if you want to rock your head to the best heavy metal music in town, you should go up to floor number two.

But it’s not only the different music genres that make this place unique. There are also many DJs that come here to play, so if you love live music and want to have fun in a place that’s frequented by expats, hipsters and Catalan locals, then the Sala BeCool is certainly the place to be.

El Born

Some people love sophistication and where the need for it arises, there’s no better club in Barcelona that you should go to besides the El Born. This is a very central club and many trendily dressed people come here in order to have a good time and dance the night away. From the large assortment of drinks to the way this place is designed, you’re sure to have a great night here regardless if you come with your friends or on your own.


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