A List of the Most Famous Highlights in Barceloneta That You Should Certainly Check Out

Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, Spain

Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, Spain

If you’ve been to Barceloneta before or you have friends that already visited it, then they probably told you by now that this place is all about the sea. It’s about old fishermen’s houses, pretty marinas, and also noisy seafood restaurants. And let’s not forget about sunbathing on the beautiful beach, since Barceloneta is very famous for its beaches. If you’re planning on visiting this place soon and would like to learn more about the best tourist attractions in town, then you may want to keep on reading, since the list below will fully answer your curiosity.

Catalonia History Museum

Visiting a history museum is probably one of the best ways of leaning more about any city you are traveling to. In Barceloneta, a Port Vell warehouse has been turned into one of the most interesting museums in the country and given the fact it features exhibits that tell the story of more than 3 millennia of Catalan history, it’s simple to realize that paying this place a visit is highly recommended. Keep in mind that if you want to take advantage of a free guided tour, just visit the Catalonia History Museum on Monday or Sunday.

Barceloneta Cable Car

By taking the cable car in Barceloneta you can get some of the best views over the port and the city and that’s because it connects across the port and all the way to Montjuic. And if the beauty of the views make you feel hungry, then you don’t need to worry about finding a great place to eat at. That’s because at the top of the tower you can go to the La Torre de Altamar, a highly rated restaurant with a wide assortment of foods and great prices.

Ciutadella Park

To the N of Barceloneta and on the eastern edge of the El Born lies the most beautiful park in Barcelona, the Ciutadella Park. This is considered by many tourists who come here as paradise on earth and it’s a perfect place to relax while admiring the beauty that surrounds you. However, relaxing here is not going to last for long, since you’re immediately going to be seduced into exploring the great variety of treats the park has to offer. Whether it’s the zoo, the various museums, the lake or the host of interesting sculptures and modernist architecture, Ciutadella Park is one of the most memorable tourist attractions in Barceloneta.

L’Aquarium de Barcelona

L’Aquarium de Barcelona

L’Aquarium de Barcelona web page.

The Barceloneta Aquarium is one of the most impressive and popular aquariums of its kind in the world and definitely a place you need to visit when coming to Spain. Consisting of a series of thirty five tanks and an eighty meter long tunnel, the aquarium houses approximately 11 thousand animals from four hundred and fifty species. That’s not all though. There are 6 million liters of water in the aquarium which also features a massive Oceanarium. The Oceanarium is currently the only one on the entire continent.

Because of that and more, it’s no wonder that on a yearly basis more than 14 million people visit this incredible place that houses a mind boggling collection of popular and rare aquatic wildlife. Better yet, if you’re the type who loves to get an adrenaline rush, for an extra fee you can even dive in with the sharks!

With so many incredible attractions, including the Barceloneta beach that you should certainly visit regardless if you love spending time out in the sun or not, it’s no wonder why this beautiful district is one of the most visited neighborhoods in Spain by tourists all over the world. Add to that the delicious and wide variety of healthy foods in Barceloneta and you have the recipe for an utterly perfect vacation.


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