The Top 4 Restaurants in Barcelona Where You Can Enjoy Award Winning Catalan Cuisine

bacelona restaurantWith a pristine reputation for producing some of the finest delicacies in the country, Barcelona’s Catalan cuisine is distinct from that found anywhere else in Spain. Catalonia in itself is a very diverse region that produces a wide range of high quality and fresh vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat and seafood. In most cases, they come in strange combinations, including fish and nuts, fruit and poultry, but also seafood and meat. In fact, when it comes to Catalan cuisine, everything is different than you’d expect.

For instance, Catalans cannot understand why Europeans put butter on bread when toasted bread rubbed with salt, garlic, olive oil and tomato is so much better. It seems this is a matter of regional pride and many say it reflects the colors of Catalan restaurants and even that of the Catalan flag. Therefore, if you wish to try Catalan cuisine and get to experience for yourself how delicious this food is, then visiting any of the restaurants below when traveling to Spain is highly recommended.


Barcelona nighlifeIn the last several years, a lot of popular high-end restaurants have begun to open in 5 star hotels and it seems that each time they manage to open in a hotel, the bar is set even higher. Known as one of the finest cooks in Costa Brava, Paco Perez’s contribution to the increased awareness over high quality Catalan food has opened the way to a whole new dimension when it comes to the popularity of Catalan cuisine. Every dish Paco cooks is highly precise, bright and clean and given the fact he uses local seafood and fish, everything he cooks is delicious, healthy and extra fresh. Therefore, if you’re looking for a place that serves authentic Catalan cuisine, then make sure you consider having lunch at the Enoteca.

Cinc Sentits

When it opened more than a decade ago, the Cinc Sentits restaurant was amongst the best restaurants in town when it comes to price and quality for everyone who wanted to try modern Catalan dishes. The restaurant not only serves fresh, delicious and authentic Catalan food, but it also features a minimal decor that provides a perfect frame to the chef’s new wave, yet also elegant food preparation based on wild and organic ingredients.

To include some of the most popular dishes you can enjoy here, they are chocolate mousse, but also roast macadamias, Catalan caviar with poached quail’s egg and smoked sturgeon to name a few. Thanks to the chef’s incredible cooking skills, the restaurant earned a Michelin Star only 4 years after its grand opening.

Koy Shunka

Spanish tapasThis place is by far one of the finest examples of the fusion between Asian and Mediterranean cuisine and the home to many Japanese chefs that give local recipes from their mother country a new twist by substituting their ingredients with Catalan local products. Due to the success of this type of fusion, many chefs started to adopt recipes from exotic countries, but it seems that nobody can match up to Chef Matsuhisa Hideki’s cooking skills. The restaurant where you can enjoy his culinary works of art is a large dark slate dining room that incorporates organic wood and sends out positive vibes that prepare your mind and body for the extraordinary culinary experience that is to follow.


Offering incredible cooking that’s built solidly on the foundation of the classics, Sauc is one of the most reliable modern bistros in town. Due to their hard work and desire to impress with their cooking of various Catalan dishes, they easily managed to earn their first Michelin star which opened the way to an even more varied and avant-garde selection of dishes. From peas with sour apple and cod tripe to their signature smoked eel with herring caviar, the Sauc is a place where you can enjoy authentic Catalan food that’s also presented in a unique way on high quality porcelain plates.

Whether you’re planning to visit Barcelona for a few days or you’re just passing by, visiting any of these restaurants is a must if you want to get a taste of authentic Catalan food. Its distinct flavor, combination of ingredients, but also overall presentation are certain to make for an unforgettable dining experience that’s going to leave you coming back for more.


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