Visiting The Famous Picasso Museum in Barcelona

pablo picassoWith more than 3500 works on display by Pablo Picasso, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona is by far one of the most comprehensive collections of works of art signed by Picasso in the world. Ceramics, sculptures, drawings and also paintings span from his earliest sketches as a child to some of his most valuable cubist pieces. No matter if you’re an art lover or a parent who wants his kids to admire the peak of human talent, the Picasso Museum in Barcelona is one of the most memorable places to visit when coming to Spain.

A little background on Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso was born in the southern part of Spain and only after several years he and his family decided to move to Barcelona. Picasso spent his formative years in Barcelona and lived his entire life here until he finally died in ’73. The museum bearing his name was chosen by the artist himself and one of his closest friends, Jaume Sabartes, as the home of the first ever museum in the country that would house his work.

The Picasso Museum

pablo picasso museumThe entire museum is housed in 5 Gothic style palaces located in the old town district, with some of the structures being as old as 700 years. The palaces are all joined together and while it did take some time, the artist’s final collection has been organized chronologically.

For instance, you can read and see the artist’s biography in the room closest to the entrance. The small chamber features sketches, drawings and also photos from Picasso’s early life. You can then move through the time he spent in Paris between nineteen hundred and nineteen oh one until nineteen oh four and finally, see the Las Meninas which takes up 4 rooms.

Las Meninas is basically a series that consists of fifty eight paintings which were completed in nineteen fifty seven as a personal interpretation of the Las Meninas painting by Diego Velazquez. Picasso was very kind to offer this entire series to the museum as a gift in the loving memory of his friend, Jaume Sabartes.

Make sure you keep an eye out for memorable works of art, such as The First Communion, the Artist’s Father and lastly, the Embrace.

Operating hours

The Picasso museum can be visited every day of the year, except on Mondays. If you visit it on Sunday after 3 PM, then admission is free and the same applies for every first Sunday of each month. If you want to listen to an audio guide, additional fees apply, but the extra money is certainly worth it for the chance to get a deeper understanding of this wonderful place. One more thing: there are also free guided English tours available, but they’re only available on Sundays.


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